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Hippie Bus Collection Part II

'Hippie Bus 1' by Tracy Dove


This is an On-going collection of groovy hippie buses, trucks and bugs
-I am collecting from the internet and from friends.

Just a passion of mine.
If you see yours--PLEASE write to me!!
Or send me photos of your groovy bus!!!

I hope you enjoy this and keep checking back for more.

Also we are offering 'Comporting Roadwise' by Rom Tom ,
hippie adventures on the road.

April 2007

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Hippie Bus Collection

What is a Hippie Bus?
From The Urban Dictionary

Any Volkswagen bus of the 1960' and 1970's.
Although most VW Buses that are driven by hippies nowadays are of the 1968 to 1979 Bay Window body style.

The 1950 to 1967 Split window VW Bus however is the original mode of transportation for transporting at least 7 tie-dies.

I wouldn't consider a VW Vanagon from the 80's a hippie bus.
Although, these day it might be the only option for some hippies looking for a Volkswagen van.

Can also be used to discribe the crazy, psychedelic painted school buses used to transport large amounts of hippie.
Buses from the 40's through the 60's were typically used in the 70's.
The Further Bus for example.

However, hippie bus is most used for discribing VWs.

"Check out the VW hippie bus, they must be going down to Yasgur's Farm.
Lets catch a ride with them"

VW Buses forever, Peace Everybody!!!

Green Tortoise Adventure Travel Bus Company

"Further, Furthur, Further, Furthur
-- never has so much been read into a spelling mistake...

Further was the name given to a big old schoolbus bought by Kesey
and his buddies to travel to New York in the summer of 1964.
It was soon far more than just a mode of transport:
It was a canvas and a stage for Prankster pop art and cartoon superheroes,
a symbol of difference and awareness ("are you on or off the bus?),
and a prototype for hundreds of other Magical Mystery tours.

The original Further now rests at peace in a field near Kesey's house,
denied to the Smithsonian on principle and slowly returning to the earth.
A new, flashier Further can still be seen at Prankster events thrilling the kids and making the old folks smile."
(read the rest HERE!)

"When we heard about the hippies, the barely more than boys and girls
who decided to try something different... we laughed at them.
We condemned them, our children, for seeking a different future.
We hated them for their flowers, for their love, and for their unmistakable rejection
of every hideous, mistaken compromise that we had made throughout
our hollow, money-bitten, frightened, adult lives."
Author: June Jordan

" Lisa Law's story is one among thousands that emerged from American society in the turbulent 1960s.
Americans in that era faced many controversial issues
-from civil rights, the Vietnam War, nuclear arms, and the environment to drug use, sexual freedom, and nonconformity.

Many young people questioned America's materialism and cultural and political norms.
Seeking a better world, some used music, politics, and alternative lifestyles to create what came to be known as the counterculture.

Lisa Law's photographs provide glimpses into the folk and rock music scenes,
California's blossoming counterculture, and the family-centered and spiritual world of commune life in New Mexico.
They are moments that she lived, witnessed, and recorded on the frontier of cultural change."

(All photos above by Lisa Law © 2007-All rights reserved)
Please visit Lisa's Bookstore and read more..

In 1970, a pregnant Ina May (who by this time was involved in what she describes as a
"group family situation" with her husband and Stephen Gaskin and his then-wife)
set off with approximately 250 other followers of Stephen Gaskin
on what came to be known as "the Caravan" -- a five-month-long speaking tour across the United States.

Traveling in colorful converted school buses,
the group stopped in towns, cities and on college campuses so that Stephen Gaskin could lecture.
One evening, while the buses were parked at Northwestern University,
a pregnant woman from among the Caravan group went into labor.
The sojourners had no money to pay doctors, and according to Ina May,
their beliefs didn't allow them to accept welfare.
Thus, with no physician in attendance, and with the woman's own husband
catching the baby, she easily gave birth to a healthy boy.
This turned out to be the first of 11 babies born on the buses during the Caravan.
Read the rest: Here!

also my
Stephen Gaskin Tribute

Hippie Bus Collection Part 3

Coming Soon!

"How many times must the cannonballs fly, before they're forever banned? ..
How many deaths will it takes till he knows that too many people have died?"

Bob Dylan-
Blowin in the Wind



"The Bicycle Bus has been a well-known fixture of the Northwest for nearly two decades.
Our original objective was to repair bicycles for low income people
on Indian reservations and in small out-of-the-way towns.

My name is RomTom. My wife, Ellie, and I are the owners of the bus.
On this website we will tell you the bus's history, and some of our adventures. 

Just click on the "History of the Bike Bus" link up above
and you will find many pages of photographs and thoughts. 

We hope to get a message board going here before long.
We also still have a few antique bikes left which we hope to sell.

Come and visit with us for a little while.
Ellie will put on a pot of coffee and we'll have a good time for sure.
It is good to meetcha....."

-Rom Tom and Ellie-
Eugene, Oregon
Vist Rom Tom's Guest Gallery

Check Out Rom Toms NEW CD
Click the cover above

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